The technician application, which displays the elevator statuses in real time, announces a technical fault on the "KM1" contactor of an elevator, specifying that the latter is blocking the restart of the elevator. I and telling the technician what to do.

Affected part:

The KM1 contactor is used to supply an actuator with electricity, such as the motor, for example. A contactor is an electromagnetic component. It works like a switch within a circuit by turning on or off the flow of current.


The elevator technician using uptime's app can get key info about his elevator. Thanks to our smart device, directly connected to the elevator control cabinet, we use the machine data in real time, and give technicians access to errors and faults hitherto inaccessible with a conventional monitoring tool.

1. The technician receives a notification telling him one of his elevator is having an issue: 2. The app gives clarification regarding the situation and pinpoints the source of the problem. 3. The technician acted on the issue efficiently, knowing exactly what to do from the start.
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The technician saves precious time thanks to the indications of the application:
He knows in advance which part is affected and therefore takes an identical spare part with him, in case the failure requires replacement.
It can go directly to the source of the fault and therefore carry out the repair much more quickly.


💡 Technician feedback:

"I just won over an hour. The map told me where to look for the fault and had the correct diagnosis. What can I say better?" 

- Alexandre, uptime technician

Unnecessary trips following an intervention request are reduced by 45% thanks to the remote discrimination of breakdowns. 😎