The uptime technician app indicates that the cell is clogged. The cell surrounds the cabin doors and keeps them open if it detects an object that could prevent proper closing.

Concerned composant:

The cell is a sensitive part, which can easily be hampered. To ensure user safety, a photoelectric cell detects an obstacle when the doors are closed, and a force sensor limits tightening by the jacks.



The technician knows right away that the problem is with the doors, and where. He then deduces that the problem is not linked to a mechanism specific to the elevator, but probably comes from outside. Arrived on site, the technician will indeed find a piece of paper blocking the proper functioning of the cabin doors. 👇




🧢 The technician's feedback:

"When you know that the breakdown will take you two minutes to resolve, it allows you to better organize your day!" 

- Arnaud, maintenance technician in Paris

With uptime, technicians save up to 30 minutes per visit thanks to automated recommendations and the repair time, in hours, is reduced by 19%. ⏱